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Snag List Inspections

When a new home nears the completion date our inspection of the house will report on any incomplete or incorrect aspects of the building.

The same inspection is conducted as for our Home Inspection, however more attention to detail is noted. This may include (but not limited to) some snags as simple as hinges which have to be reset or more complicated issues like substandard workmanship and finishing.

The snag list is much more in detail than the Standard Home Inspection. It is set out in point form and goes into specific detail on finishes, i.e. correct silicone sealants at showers, baths and sinks.

New home owners request our services to ensure they get what they paid for and property developers, architects, builders and project managers ask us to assist them in their duties and therefore improving the delivery of a better quality product. An optional post-snag inspection can be conducted to ensure that the snags have been satisfactorily attended to.

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You’ll probably only focus on the features and obvious signs of things needing repair. But it’s unlikely that you’ll climb into the roof or check for any underlying source causing damage. This is why you need a home inspection.