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Rental Inspections

The importance of an ingoing and outgoing inspection is imperative to ensure a record of the STATE of the property before the new tenant moves in and after he moves out.

The relationship between a landlord and his tenant is often fraught with tension. First and foremost is always the dispute about the deposit. An ingoing and outgoing inspection is a legal requirement in terms of the Rental Housing Act and it must be performed jointly by both the landlord or his agent and the tenant.

Our independent report gives written confirmation of any defects with specific attention paid to areas of Concern, which can be used as part of the Rental Agreement by the landlord, tenant or agent and which complies with statutory requirements.

It is essential to perform an ingoing inspection with the landlord/agent present. This will enable both the landlord and tenant to record any existing defects and will ensure that the tenant is not held liable for the damage when they vacate the property.

The cost for the inspection and report of findings is R 700. Estate agents talk to us for a discounted rate….

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You’ll probably only focus on the features and obvious signs of things needing repair. But it’s unlikely that you’ll climb into the roof or check for any underlying source causing damage. This is why you need a home inspection.