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Welcome to Property Management Solutions

Buying or building your new home is exciting and emotional. We want you to experience the pleasure and enjoy peace of mind.
A Property Inspection will keep the emotions far removed from your single biggest investment you would probably make.

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With more than 20 years experience in the property sector we can offer you an educated reporting tool which has been compiled using our knowledge and understanding of the building industry.

A property inspection is a process whereby an inspector comes to inspect every aspect of your home and gives you a detailed impartial report on the condition thereof.

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Compare the purchase of a vehicle with that of your home. A vehicle is put though a “road worthy” test and again inspected when you have it covered with insurance.

Yet for the purchase of a home, which is usually in excess of 10 times more in monetary value – NOT ONE SINGLE THING IS CHECKED…..!! Be assured that no property is perfect, but armed with the knowledge of a professional, you will know what to expect.

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Selling, buying or building?

You’ll probably only focus on the features and obvious signs of things needing repair. But it’s unlikely that you’ll climb into the roof or check for any underlying source causing damage. This is why you need a home inspection.